• Investors
• Donors
• Landowners
• Service Providers in the following areas:
         • Facilities & Infrastructure Planning, Design, Building & Maintenance (e.g., Planners, Architects, Engineers,

            Renewable Energy Experts, Builders, Machinists & Mechanics)

​         • Social Systems (e.g., Human Design & Social Architects)
         • Agriculture (e.g., Permaculturists, Farm Workers & Living Systems Designers)
         • Finance (e.g., Money-Managers, Bankers, Economists & Currency Designers)
         • Education (e.g., Teachers & Administration)
         • Hospitality (Operators, Chefs, Restaurant, Maintenance)
         • Health & Fitness Practitioners (e.g., Integrative Medicine, Nutrition, Massage, Yoga, Martial Arts)
         • Media, Arts & Events (e.g., Musicians, Artists & Performers)
         • Innovation (e.g., Inventors, Technologists, Entrepreneurs, Business Executives)

It takes a village to make a village. We are seeking to create a regenerative and principles-based community environment that fosters human potential for brilliance, beauty and kindness.  It is our objective that AWE Communities and AWE Centers become a model for regenerative living, working and playing that ushers in a thriving new paradigm that demonstrates living in Abundance, Wellness & Enlightenment.

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